Profile of a CAVNET Member: Dr. Walter DeKeseredy, Ph.D

Walter S. DeKeseredy is Professor of Sociology at Ohio University in Athens Ohio. He has published close to 50 refereed journal articles and numerous book chapters on woman abuse, crime in public housing, and criminological theory.

He is also the author of Woman Abuse in Dating Relationships: The Role of Male Peer Support and Women, Crime and the Canadian Criminal Justice System; with Ronald Hinch, coauthor of Woman Abuse: Sociological Perspectives; with Desmond Ellis, coauthor of the second edition of The Wrong Stuff: An Introduction to the Sociological Study of Deviance; with Martin Schwartz, coauthor of Contemporary Criminology, Sexual Assault on the College Campus: The Role of Male Peer Support, and Woman Abuse on Campus: Results from the Canadian National Survey; with Linda MacLeod, Woman Abuse: A Sociological Story; with Shahid Alvi and Desmond Ellis, Contemporary Social Problems in North American Society; and with Shahid Alvi, Martin Schwartz and E. Andreas Tomaszewski, Under Siege: Poverty and Crime in a Public Housing Community.

In 1995, he received the Critical Criminologist of the Year Award from the American Society of Criminology’s Division on Critical Criminology. In 1993, he received Carleton University’s Research Achievement Award. Currently he serves on the Editorial Boards of Criminal Justice, Women & Criminal Justice, Violence Against Women: An International and Interdisciplinary Journal, and Crime and Delinquency.

Together with colleagues, he conducted the first Canadian national survey on woman abuse in university/college dating and has devoted over 15 years to studying the ways in which patriarchal male peer groups perpetuate and legitimate male-to-female victimization on campus.

Funded by the National Institute of Justice, Dr. DeKeseredy is currently conducting an exploratory study of sexual assault during and after separation/divorce in three rural Ohio communities.

Dr.DeKeseredy is a member of CAVNET’s Advisory Committee on Campus Violence.