Men As Victims of Intimate Violence

An article by Marc Dubin, Esq., Executive Director, CAVNET

There have been a series of articles published recently in major newspapers addressing the question of
the degree to which men are victims of intimate violence. (Cathy Young , “In Abuse, Men Are
Victims, Too”, published in the Boston Globe, June 16, 2003, and Karen S. Peterson, “Studies Shatter
Myth About Abuse”, published in USA TODAY, June 24, 2003). As a man who has prosecuted domestic violence, served as Special Counsel to the Violence Against Women Office at the Justice Department, and serves as Executive Director of CAVNET (Communities Against Violence Network (, a nonprofit that networks experts and advocates nationwide and provides a comprehensive online database
on the subject, I want to try to respond tosome of the issues raised in these articles….

“….According to the Justice Department, which oughta know, 85% of intimate violence is committed against women. Only 5-15% of intimate violence is committed against men….”