CAVNET (Communities Against Violence Network) uses the internet to bring together experts and advocates from all over the world, to enhance understanding of violence against women, human rights, suicide, school violence, bullying, child abuse, elder abuse, and crime victims with disabilities.

We enhance collaboration, and share information, resources, and expertise, across disciplines. To get a sense of how our members have used CAVNET, please visit https://cavnet.org/category/comments-about-cavnet/

Our members include many of the top experts in the world, carefully selected and vetted. Members include national organizations, local organizations, advocates, judges, members of law enforcement, stalking experts, ADA experts, Ph.D.s, lawyers, and others. Our members bring a wide range of expertise and perspectives. We provide and share resources, ideas, and expertise.

Founded in 1995 by Marc Dubin, Esq., former Special Counsel to the Justice Department's Office on Violence Against Women, CAVNET continues to bring together experts and advocates, across disciplines. Over the years, we have added hundreds of experts and advocates, and continue to do so. Membership is by application or invitation only. For more information, email Marc Dubin, Esq. at . Please send a resume and 500 word bio to apply for membership.

We are a partner with Lifetime Television's End Violence Against Women Project and a recipient of a Ms. Foundation grant. For a profile of some of our members, please visit https://cavnet.org/category/profiles-of-cavnet-members/


How to join

CAVNET operates on an invitation-only, application-only Listserv. To join, send a resume or brief bio to Marc Dubin, Esq, Executive Director, at .

Marc may also be contacted by phone at 305-896-3000.